San Clemente is a little beach town in Orange County, California that is ideal for unwinding and healing. With weather consistently in the low 70's, it's perfect for getting yourself back on track mentally, physically, and emotionally. The beach has a beautiful 3 mile walking trail, with a pier and restaurant. The downtown area is full of boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, and coffee shops. There's a laid back feel here where you feel comfortable walking around in your flip flops, and cozy clothes with no pressure to impress anyone.


When I moved here 10 years ago, the first thing I noticed is that people make eye contact and smile. A genuine, happy smile, which I suppose is not hard to do when you're surrounded by palm trees and sunshine. I've helped many clients make incredible transitions here in this little beach town and I'm hoping you'll consider joining me for your own health journey.

Join me for a week long one-on-one detox retreat where you'll have a full immersion boot camp with yours truly. You'll be staying in a room by the beach here in San Clemente, CA and I'll be setting you up for new habits that will create the new you.

Every morning will start with a beach work out. This can range from a gentle walk with slow stretching to a blood pumping session of burpees and squats.

You'll learn about superfoods while blending our morning smoothies and learning what snacks are best to pack for the day to keep you fueled.

While relaxing on an outdoor patio on the ocean, you will be taking notes on what foods you're going to stock your cabinets with and which ones you're going to toss.

There will be nap time, since your body will be healing and need its rest. You'll have a diffuser in your room with medicinal essential oils of your choice. We'll do a brief review on which oils you'll want to keep on hand for energy, detoxing, relaxing, etc.  

I will walk you through step by step how to prepare from scratch all your meals made with fresh, organic, whole foods so that you can continue these good habits at home.

Every evening you'll enjoy a beach sunset while we outline your goals and plan of action.

Highlights of your Detox Retreat

  • Learn your new morning rituals

  • Stretch on the beach

  • Trip to the grocery store

  • Simple recipes class

  • Detox session

  • Health class

  • Massage

  • Infrared sauna sessions

  • Nutritional guidance


What's Included

  • 2 daily stretching sessions

  • 2 massages

  • Morning exercise 

  • Sunset walks

  • Organic plant strong meals

  • Healing broth and juices

  • Infrared sauna sessions

  • 6 nights accommodation

  • Transportation to/from Long Beach (LGB) or John Wayne Airport (SNA)

Are you ready to begin your detox retreat?


Contact me regarding questions, pricing, and availability.

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