meal prep
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Through your coaching sessions you will learn:

  • What eating clean means

  • Steps to strengthen your immune system

  • How to detox

  • The benefits of juicing and which ones are tastiest

  • How to transition to eating gluten-free

  • Simple workouts you can do in your own home or on the road

  • What to order at restaurants

  • Smart meal choices while traveling

  • Balancing your blood sugar

  • Dropping extra weight

  • Reverse I.B.S.

  • How to boost your energy

  • How to save time and money with meal prep


$95 /session

These sessions are typically done on-line. I'll send you a detailed, simple, meal plan catered to your specific preferences.

We'll go over your food allergies, medications, daily habits, rituals, and goals.

Typically, clients see results in just the first week. Increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, sharper focus, improved memory, and quicker recovery.

I recommend 3 months of health coaching for optimal results. Some opt for less and some even longer.


Let me help you clean out your pantry, cabinets, and fridge of all the toxic food so you can make a clear and easy road to reaching your health goals.

We will purge your house of hidden harmful chemicals, like body care products, room fresheners, detergents, etc. which may be hindering your progress.

We'll go shopping together and learn how to be a professional label and ingredient reader. If you can't pronounce it, neither can your body. I will also help you find staple ingredients which should always be in your home.

In addition to our session, you'll receive my Kitchen Kick Start Shopping List and a few of my favorite simple and healthy recipes.

$295 /2.5 hour session

smart choices


For more information on health coaching sessions, or to schedule an appointment, call 617-549-4706 or submit your info.

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