What does this entail?

  • This is a two week gentle cleanse entails drinking smoothies and juices all day long with a plant-based dinner at night.


Who is this is best for?

  • Those who have never done a cleanse.
  • Those who have intense workout routines.
  • Those who have a physically demanding job.
  • Those who have a diet that consists of predominantly meat, dairy, and processed foods.


With all cleanses it's important to keep in mind:

  • Everyone’s results will vary depending on their height, age, activity level, and health. For example, a teenager will have a much faster metabolism and may be more active than a 50 year old who sits in an office all day. Because of factors like these, each plan is customized. The primary goal is to boost your immune system.
  • Each smoothie has the option for modifications. Nut milks are interchangeable, dark leafy greens are left up to your preference. If it calls for kale and you only have spinach, that is fine. Berries are also up to your personal preference.
  • Weight loss is a given considering you’re only eating or drinking fruits and vegetables. The average person carries at least 10 pounds of toxic waste in their colon. Time to clean house.
  • If at any point your cleansing reactions are too intense, you can slow down your cleanse by eating solid fruits and vegetables.
  • If your skin breaks out in a rash then your liver needs extra support in ridding the toxins. Drink warm lemon water. Some have found milk thistle helps to support the liver.
  • Light headed and dizzy spells are common during a cleanse. Take it easy and skip the gym if you’re experiencing this. Taking a nap helps because your body heals while you’re sleeping.
  • Getting adequate sleep is crucial. Getting to bed early is optimal.
  • Grumpiness is a common side effect especially during the first 3 days, so warn your co-workers and loved ones.
  • Don’t feel that you have to explain why you’re doing this to everyone who asks. A simple “I just want to clean out my system so I have more energy” is more than enough.
  • Schedule your cleanse during a time you can lay low. There can be too much temptation at social events. Let it be a time where you can watch documentaries, dry skin brush, take epsom salt baths, stretch, etc.
  • If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you’ve always had. Why am I saying this? Because you reset your system for a reason. Let this be a jumpstart into healthier habits. Coming off the cleanse is a great time to transition into a whole foods, plant-based diet. This way your body can continue to heal. Ditch the scale. Let your energy level and how your clothes fit be how you measure your success. Now let’s get started!

Gently Reboot Your System