What I'd Do If I Had Cancer

First thing I’d do if cancer cells showed up on a blood test is chug alkaline water, and a lot of it. I’d read the book “Killing Cancer- Not People" by Robert G. Wright. If you don’t have this book, get it used on Amazon. Watch the documentary “The Gerson Mircale." Then I’d pull out my juicer and load up on all my cancer-fighting veggies.

All toxic cleaners, chemicals, air fresheners, detergents, make-up, shampoos, deodorants, lotions, and anything with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce I’d toss in the trash.

If my immune system was so compromised that these cells were showing up on tests, I’d do EVERYTHING to starve them. No messing around. This is a major wake up call that our body is acidic and needs some major attention. I’d make my health and happiness a priority. Get 8 hours of sleep. Surround myself with happy, positive, healthy people. I wouldn’t touch alcohol, animal products, or any type of sugar with a ten foot stick. I’d take walks on the beach, stretch, watch my favorite movies, and get massages. I would not waste my energy explaining to people why I’m not doing chemo, or radiation. I’d simply say, “I’ve done my research and am doing everything to strengthen my immune system, and thank you for your sincere concern.” I’d read my favorite books, listen to Tony Robbins on YouTube. “The Hour of Power” and “Unleash the Power Within” are two of my favorites. Once my body healed itself I’d keep these new habits so I’d stay strong and healthy, ensuring those rogue little cells wouldn’t even think of rearing their ugly heads again.




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