Do Negative Thoughts Cause Weight Gain?

Negative emotions are stored in your fat cells because they can be toxic to your organs. Your body does this for self-preservation.

Ask yourself:

  • What is it in your life that you may be subconsciously trying to protect yourself from?

  • Is there someone or something you are harboring anger or resentment toward?

  • Are you holding onto anger or regret about a past situation?

These are some charged words that might clue you in to the fact you are harboring anger or resentment: should, fair, unfair, blame.

Do you find yourself saying any of these words to yourself? Are you frightened of "messing up" at work or at home? Are you absorbing a great deal of negativity or stress? You must acknowledge this negative energy and work toward discovering its origins.

This stuck energy is like the dormant life energy within seeds. Water is able to awaken seeds: when seeds are soaked with water, their energy starts to move. Consciousness is the water that can move the stuck energy within you.

How can you be proactive and make some adjustments?

1. Pay attention to what you are thinking or saying about your body. Start taking note of negative comments and make a commitment to yourself to stop saying anything negative.

2. Generate and reinforce thoughts of the body you want. In your mind, focus on positive images of your body, as if you had your ideal body right now. Concentrate on positive descriptions about how you feel, such as strong and capable.

3. Visualize. Your mind can't tell the difference between pictures and reality. Put pictures of a healthy and fit you inside your bathroom cabinet, where you can see them every day, to bring those images into the present.

4. Begin to let go. Create an awareness of anything you are feeling resentful about or are holding onto. These feelings don't serve you, and they don't make wrongs right. Awareness begins the process of letting go, which translates into relinquishing not only emotions but also weight.

There are so many wonderful books that talk more about this topic. The one that I recommend is "The Beauty Detox Power" by Kimberly Snyder. It really helps with getting to the root of weight issues and creating sustained success.




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