Benefits of Juices vs Smoothies

I used to wonder why people invested so much time into juicing. "What a waste," I'd tell myself. Why would you buy all this beautiful, organic produce only to watch most of it end up in the trash? Why wouldn't you just EAT the apple like we were designed to? Well that all changed after I watched the documentary, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead." This unhealthy, overweight man, Joe, was on every type of medication to hide the miserable, endless symptoms he was suffering from. He decided to go on a juice cleanse and low-and-behold every symptom went away and his body healed.

How was this possible? Because he got massive doses of nutrients that his body was screaming for. When we are toxic and deficient, we get sick. When we juice, we are detoxing the evil out and fixing the vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Is this extreme? Some people would say yes, because it takes commitment and a lifestyle change. Getting a triple by-pass is also extreme, and very expensive. The choice is ours - to be proactive or not.

  • Why is juicing so good for us?

The nutrients from the organic produce that we are juicing go straight to our blood with almost no work from our digestive system. (Why did I say organic? We don't want a concentrated dose of pesticides, insecticides, fungacides, herbicides, and other cancer causing chemicals to go straight to our blood.) The majority of our energy goes toward digesting food. When we stop digesting solid food, our energy is freed up to work elsewhere, like cleaning out our liver, kidneys, gallbladder, arteries, and all the other hard working body parts we don't give much thought to.

  • Is juicing time consuming?

Yes. But so is going to the doctor and pharmacy. Again the choice is ours.

  • Is juicing dangerous?

Large quantities of organic vitamins and minerals may give you cleansing reactions. Especially if you haven't been healthy in a while. What does this include? Headaches, nausea, or dizziness. Picture a murky fish tank - what happens when you scrub it clean? The water gets cloudy and gross but you simply run the filter until it's clean and clear. The same is with our insides - they may be murky from years of neglect. Juicing will power blast the junk out, and drinking extra water is like running the filter to help flush everything out.

  • Can you make a few days worth of juice to save time?

It really is best that you drink your fresh juice that same day as it will oxidize and start turning into sugar.

  • Can you replace a meal with a juice?

Your body will thank you for doing so.

  • When should you juice?

Whenever you can make time for it. Some juice every morning. I personally juice for two weeks before any vacation. Nothing makes my eyes brighter, skin clearer, and body feel tighter.

  • Can you work out if you're juicing?

Depends on where you are on your health journey. If this is new to you, you may want to take naps often and go easy on your body as it is in overdrive, cleaning and repairing itself. Listen to your body. Everyone is different.

  • Where can you find recipes?,,, Pinterest, there is no shortage of support out there.

Now for our smoothie talk. Making a smoothie everyday is really something we can all make time for. If you can pour oats, chop a banana, throw cinnamon and almonds into a bowl for breakfast, you can pour the same things into a blender and call it a day. The benefits of doing this are similar to juicing in the sense that you are getting your food broken down for you, leaving you with more energy. If you are new at this, or making these smoothies for kids, you can gradually sneak in some spinach, which doesn't have an overpowering taste, but packs a punch nutritionally.

  • Smoothies are quick and easy.

  • Smoothies can help you recover and rebuild after working out. It's easier for your body to absorb and assimilate the nutrients in a smoothie as opposed to a meal. They will also flush out lactic acid faster. You'll wake up less achey after a heavy workout.

  • You will reach your recommended fiber intake with smoothies, which is good considering a lack in fiber leads to many diseases, including colon cancer.

  • Smoothies can give your brain all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to improve your mental clarity, focus, and memory. They will reduce brain fog.

  • It's easy to add superfoods such as goji berries, spirulina, maca, cacao, or chia seeds to a smoothie and have it actually taste like dessert.

To learn more of the wonderful benefits juices and smoothies provide, watch a documentary during your next road trip, flight, or while folding laundry. Listen to the incredible transformations these people have made. They are informative and empowering.

These are just a few of my favorites:

  • Food Matters

  • Super Juice Me

  • The Beautiful Truth

  • Hungry For Change

  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead




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