Review: Babette's Newport Beach

Last night I had the privilege of dining at the most adorable restaurant. The ambience alone could keep me there all day. But as beautiful as it was, it's the food that I'll be dreaming about.

Babette's is located directly across the street from Crystal Cove Beach in Newport Beach, CA. With large open windows and gorgeous views, this place gives serious Hamptons vibes. One side of the restaurant is facing the ocean, while the other is open to a lush outdoor patio. The entrance to the patio has floor-to-ceiling white drapes that blow in the soft ocean breeze. There's a fire pit on the patio with fleece blankets on each chair for when the sun starts to set.

Zach and his mom have owned this family-run business from the start. They've just recently opened this second location in Newport Beach, the first being in Hamptons, NY. They pride themselves on finding quality, locally sourced ingredients, which is why Orange County, CA is a perfect fit! We have great weather year-round, with no shortage of beautiful produce from our local farmers' markets.

It's safe to say my girlfriends and I dabbled in every dish on the menu! Everything was done to perfection. Zach takes pride in the dishes he creates, which comes across when he happily puts that plate of food in front of you. The hardest part was restraining ourselves from inhaling everything in front of us.

The cocktails and mocktails (alcohol-free) were out of this world. To find a restaurant that provides organic, fresh juice in your mixed drinks is the icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, let's talk about dessert. You cannot come here without ordering the carrot cake and the chocolate mousse cake. The chocolate mousse cake is vegan - they use aqua faba rather than eggs in the recipe.

I could go on all day about this place, but you really have to experience it for yourself. I can't wait to hear about your experience at Babette's!




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