Juice Cleanse Testimonies

What is a juice cleanse? Simply put - a juice cleanse is period of time that you choose to not eat any solid food. Everyone's body will react differently based on their current state of well-being. I'm going to share five different client experiences to take some of the mystery and fear out of this process.


"I did the juice cleanse for 8 days. Your instructions were very clear and dead-on for how I would feel. I added smoothies in after day 3 because I needed extra energy for my workouts. I could not do this without the support of my husband. Having that team support was priceless. Making food for the kids at night was challenging, especially since everything smelled extra delicious. Watching the documentaries you suggested helped a lot too with making better decisions once this was over. My family and I are much more conscience of what we put in our bodies now. If we eat food with processed chemicals we feel heavy and bloated the next day. We are more selective in what we eat so we can avoid ruining all of our hard work. I think we'd like to do this again in the fall when all the summer parties and bbq's are not such a temptation."


"Besides wanting to chew my arm off and wanting to eat anything that comes across my nose, a juice cleanse really is worth it. And to be honest, that feeling only really lasts the first few days and then I feel better. Once you see the pounds melting off (or flushing away with the swish of the toilet), you'll realize those miserable feelings have not all been in vain. Hair and nails grow longer and stronger. Skin brighter. Maintained energy levels - that get-up-and-go feeling is pretty elating. You pretty much feel like a rockstar - heck you've just consumed a lifetime of nutrients that your body has been craving! To this day I still add juices and smoothies into my weekly routine, not only to keep the pounds from creeping back, but to keep me moving. The Glowing Green Smoothie is my fave!"


"My 10 day juice cleanse was very difficult for the first 3 days, which included headaches from my body detoxing. After those first few days, it got much easier. I had clearer skin, lost 12-15 lbs, more energy, and I could think clearer. A skin calcium deposit disappeared from my left eyelid. My blood cholesterol runs over 200, but when I went to get my blood work done after my cleanse, my PA said whatever I am doing - KEEP DOING IT! My total cholesterol dropped significantly and was more in the NORMAL range!"


"I am currently on day 7 of my juice cleanse and the first thing I noticed when I started this cleanse was that I wasn't lacking energy. As long as I drink my juices when I feel I need them, I have enough energy to get through my work day and even to workout! The first two days I felt amazing like I didn't even need food. The third day was the hardest, as it usually is. I felt more tired than the previous days, but I took a nap, woke up and did a light workout. After I got over that hump, it was right back to feeling energized and motivated for the next few days! It's been so important to listen to what my body is telling me through this process, because I know how much toxic waste my body is letting go. Another important factor is making sure I have a variety of juices so that I don't get bored or lose motivation. Switching it up has kept me going. My skin, hair, and eyes have all brightened and my waist has become noticeably smaller. The results have been amazing!"


"I had two tumors in my left breast and five in my liver, stage four. I juiced for 63 days total. The first 17 days were strictly a water fast. I also included vitamin C intravenously, gcmaf shots, B17 and D3. After 63 days of this strict protocol, my liver is tumor-free and I have one remaining in my breast. A documentary I found inspiring can be found at chrisbeatcancer.com

I ran as often as I could, cut out toxic relationships, and let go of anger and resentments. I did not share what I was doing with anyone besides my husband because I had no energy to defend my decisions. This worked for me, and I continue to eat raw foods and do juice cleanses off and on to keep my immune system strong."

As you can see the experiences differ from person to person, but what they all have in common is that their state of health improved and they would do it again.

When you stop taking in solid food, your body uses that abundance of energy that would normally be used on digestion to clean itself out. The more we have to clean out, the stronger our cleansing reactions will be - headaches, sluggishness, and in rare cases nausea. Drinking plenty of water to flush out the toxins your body is letting go of is crucial.

I would love to hear your juice cleanse experiences.

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