Travel Essentials

I'm not going to bore you with how to pack your bag, but I will share tips on how Justin and I save time and money while traveling.

Booking Your Ticket

This will change at some point but the trend as of now is that airlines drop their prices on Tuesday around midnight pacific time. We check each week around this time and book out of LAX to wherever we're going. There are countless search engines, but I find Google shows the best results. Sometimes we'll use


I always look for the most gorgeous Airbnb’s I can find. Then I will write a message to each of them complimenting on how spectacular their place looks, that we are clean, quiet, and would love to rent their place if they are able to work within our budget. They'll almost always come back with a lower rate if it's off season. I had one Airbnb in Greece knock a thousand dollars off for me! It doesn’t hurt to ask.


We rarely eat out while traveling. We’ll shop at local markets and pick up fresh produce and make food at our Airbnb. We also pack a soft cooler bag with lots of snacks. Living foods preferably like cucumbers, peaches, grapes, etc. We also bring our own blender bottle with us to fill up at fountains.


There is a Zara, H&M, and Mango in almost every European country so we’ll pack incredibly light with the bare bone basics and pick up cute local attire at the markets or one of these stores. We wear our heaviest clothes on the plane and take off a couple layers once we’re in our seat. This helps when only using a carry-on.


We get an adapter that fits multiple USB cords and I have my own adapter for my curling iron so that their foreign electrical system doesn't fry it, which has sadly happened in the past. I keep my phone and camera charger with me and also pack 3 batteries for my Cannon camera.


Mag07 from is something I never travel without. I’ve written an entire blog on this one product. You can use discount code “hansonskitchen” to order. Shop here.

Purium’s Aloe Digest, Green Spectrum, and Biomedic are other products I travel with. You can score $50 off your first order of $75 and 25% off orders of $200 or more. Each of these help support gut health. Shop here.


I only wash my hair about twice a week so I'll use my own mini shampoo/conditioner and the Airbnb’s blow dryer. I use cacao powder on my roots if it's looking a little lackluster and oil on my ends.

Beauty Products

  • Osea conveniently carries a travel size face wash - shop here

  • Beauty Counter’s face oil, dew skin sunblock, and foundation - shop here

  • Thai deodorant stick - shop here

  • I like to get a gel mani/pedi before taking off so I can skip packing polish, remover, etc.


We’ve always used ziplock bags to keep clothes wrinkle free, organized, and protected but we may transition to travel cubes based on all the feedback I got on Instagram.


I take pictures of our license and passport on my phone and I also email them to myself in case they were ever lost or stolen. We use our Chase credit are that has no transaction fees and call ahead of time to inform them that we'll be traveling.

travel essentials

I hope you find these tips useful for your next trip, and as always I love to hear your feedback on what travel tips you may have. Happy travels!




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