We all get stuck. We’re all overwhelmed with what what defines healthy. I was. My life circumstances changed and suddenly became very stressful. Like many,  I packed on the weight and struggled to understand why my body was rejecting my attempts to heal. And then I found Melissa. She had always been there coaxing and pleading to any who would listen that we can take control of our health. We can define what is healthy and avoid what isn’t - and it’s easier than we might think.


I used to be afraid of my body, too afraid to dive deep and learn it’s potential. And I was too busy dealing with the stress of life to stop and listen to what it was trying to tell me. A lifelong struggle with depression and anxiety has taken its toll and I’ve had enough of life lived that way. 


Melissa has helped me and others to understand how we can eat to heal and nourish our body through a plant-based lifestyle. It’s not about the weight, it’s not about the dress size or the number on the scale. It is everything to do with changing our approach to food and how we feel when we eat the right things. A plant-based life is a happy life and Melissa lives and breathes that! 


Since establishing a bond with Melissa through coaching I’ve watched my body transform and recognize its potential. In just under 3 months I’ve seen my body go from undernourished, stressed out, and weak to strong, defined, healthy and thriving! My energy level is the best it’s ever been and increasing daily. I feel stronger and more capable for the first time in my life. Losing 24 pounds has been the extra bonus!


We all know diets don’t work but eating plants does!I If you’re feeling like I did, stressed out, fed up, tired, desiring a change and you’re wondering how this could possibly work for you, just ask Melissa - she will show you. I’m not done yet but I’m excited to see what she has in store for me next.

- Lilly K.

The cleanse Melissa put me on helped immensely with my energy levels and gut health. I have always suffered with sluggish digestion and that's why I initially reached out to her. I had this issue since I was a kid.


After my cleanse my stomach was flat, my digestion improved, and as a bonus my skin was glowing and looked more hydrated. I continued to eat clean, cutting out things such as gluten to maintain my results because as she explained our health is not a “one and done” kind of thing. This was the stepping stone I needed to educate myself and get on track. I couldn't of done it without her.

- Claudia S.

I reached out to Melissa because I wanted to have more energy, lose a little weight, and wasn’t sure where to start. I have a very demanding job and a tight schedule. Melissa provided simple breakfast, lunch and dinner options and easy homework assignments. She answered my questions along the way, not that I had a ton because everything was pretty self-explanatory. She made the process of eating clean and taking better care of myself so simple. I now know what it means to truly eat clean and I’ve never felt better.

- Andie B.

Melissa helped me get my health back on track. I loved all the recipes and how simple they were. After coaching for about a month, she put me on a juice cleanse. It was the first one I've ever done and I felt amazing. Overall the experience helped me take better care of myself. My clothes fit better, my energy is better, I sleep like a baby, and I have plenty of energy to keep my workouts up.

- Cheri M.

Coaching with Melissa made learning how to eat healthy so simple and fun. We worked one on one in the kitchen chopping vegetables, creating stir fries, soups, buddha bowls, all the food that I love but never before made for myself. I quickly dropped 50 pounds from eating this way and I never felt hungry. She helped me realize that this is a lifestyle not a quick fix or a fad. I was able to show my mom how to eat this way as well and we've never felt better. I'm so grateful for her help and friendship.

- Bianca R.

It’s crazy how this world these days is so full of different opinions on food, health, and fitness. It’s true we as humans are all different and we all will require slightly different things to be successful. This is why I really appreciate Melissa. She starts with the basics. “If you put garbage in your body, your body will be garbage” ... well duh. Why society has us eating this disgusting garbage is beyond me. It should be illegal. Melissa has done a fabulous job educating me in several facets of the food world. What to eat, what not to eat, what is fake, and what is basically a flat out lie. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to better themselves. Her bold and positive attitude is contagious. She gets the job done and makes you feel good about your good decisions, and not afraid to say something about the bad. She instructed me through a juice cleanse that gave me dramatic results. I laid off the meats and dairy and stuck to a really tasty juice plan. I shred 16 pounds in 14 days. I slept better, looked better, and felt better all around. Thanks Melissa, I owe you big.


- Nick

I originally called Melissa because I was having symptoms of gout and generally didn’t feel well. With a new baby on the way, my goal was to eliminate my symptoms while losing weight. Coaching with Melissa really helped because it held me accountable. I have my own company and a family to take care of so I didn’t have time for anything complicated. The weekly meal plans she had me make were not only easy but delicious. I even brought a few dishes to some dinner parties and got glowing reviews. The recipes have been easy. I love the chia pudding and your no-bake dairy-free cheesecake. Melissa didn’t focus only on the food aspect, she also gave me simple workouts to accomplish and informative podcasts and documentaries to help substantiate all the information she was providing me.

A few results I've noticed:

  • I lost about 3 pounds a week and managed to maintain my weight loss from 205 down to 172.

  • I don't MISS red meat.

  • I don't need as much coffee each day, and have even skipped a day here or there.

  • I stopped drinking beer as it doesn’t help with gout symptoms and don’t miss it.

  • All of my clothing fit looser and I’ve had to get many suits and pants taken in.

  • I don't call this a diet, this is my new normal.

I had the goal of dropping more weight than my wife gained while pregnant, and running a half marathon. In just around 12 months I have been able to check those both off the list. Now I have even more goals, and this was a great start!

Thank you for your help, Melissa!

- Ryan R

Heal From Within Summit Testimonials

For me, it's more of an emotional release journey. My health has improved so greatly already just from proper nutrition. Now it's time to bring it to its highest level possible and address the emotional baggage that claims the last bit of sickness in me. For that alone I am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to meet practitioners I never knew existed. - @lisasrusticpantry





Wow, there were so many things I learned and experiences that I want to incorporate into my life and my family's, such as taking time to stretch every morning, eating 3 red apples a day, and taking zinc and B12. I also want to make sure I'm eating the rainbow and have a variety of different fruits and veggies in my diet daily. I stocked up on my wild blueberries! I also want to incorporate tapping and working on myself more. This was truly an amazing experience. Thank you for making such a fun, yet educating weekend. - @theadalizmartinez





I did cacao and maca only this morning, no coffee! I also started the Mag07 cleanse yesterday. I feel pretty good, no bloating or anything. All around good things are happening! I'm so grateful! - ​@thedanaa12

I had my lemon water first thing in the morning, then my celery juice, wild blueberry, spirulina, and super greens smoothie the past two mornings since returning from the retreat. Made cashew milk to have on-hand instead of dairy, and stocked the house with lots of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. Also working on using positive talk like "It's fun to try new foods and it feels good to make healthy choices." Tomorrow I want to also start incorporating morning stretching. My little boy and I are going to do it together and talk about what we're grateful for while we stretch. That was a great suggestion on how to start our day. So many wonderful gems!! I'm working on incorporating all of them. Thank you again for making all of this available to us, Melissa! - @monettep





Adding the simple things in are now so easy, like the morning stretch to get your positive energy flowing... and just flat out planning to be 100% plant-based wherever we go. Your tips about always finding options to eat around us were amazing. Just decide to make the choice. I'm still thinking about the incredible energy inside us that Tim helped me see and understand. And the things that are possible with just letting go of the negative and putting out the flow of positive energy. I let people know I'm looking for vegan options now up front and it's like people are catering to me everywhere I go. I said something yesterday at a business meeting about my incredible vegan retreat experience and almost immediately we broke out of the meeting, he put me in his car and took me to lunch in the next town at an amazing vegan restaurant! Put out the positive energy people!!! It works! Also loved, loved, loved the amazing Amber and also getting to spend some time with the wonderful Dr. Angie, who is so kind and willing to share her own experiences. Thank you Melissa for the most amazing weekend. - ​@greenfoodrunner





I told my co-workers that I'm going to start to do daily stretching if they would like to join me. Also, I told them that we have a new protocol: anytime somebody yawns, the person who yawned has to do 5 jumping jacks.  Today I did 15 jumping jacks... - ​@thriveabundantliving

I'm going to make sure there are leftovers from dinner to bring to work for lunch the next day. I've been so lazy and eating the food that is in my work cafeteria, which is full of canola oil and none of the produce is organic. - ​@bobbythevegan

I actually took a lot away from this retreat. I wasn’t really quite sure what to expect, but it was above and beyond. Professional and beautiful are two words I would use. Informative as well. The guest speakers were amazing and the house and location was stellar!! I would highly recommend to all my friends. Also to meet the incredible people that we stayed with as well as Melissa (and her helpers and mom) made it even more special.

Until next time.. because I know I would want to do it again! - Judy